What is Web 2.0?

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Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as a platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.

You've hear the term before, perhaps nodding along with someone pretending you know what it is while they blather on. What is Web 2.0 though? Well, it's a lot of things, and has a few meanings. Basically, Web 2.0 is a combination of Web Applications, Flash, Databasing, Ajax, APIs, RSS and Mash-Ups that make for a cool looking web site, with functional tools to enhance the visitors experience. Argle Gargle Googley Goop? Yep, sounds a bit complex, but here is a simple breakdown on terms to make you feel smarter.

Flash - We've all seen Flash movies online, used for banners, animated images and little movies.

Database Driven Site - For a dynamic, member-driven website, you must has a database for it. Most CMS websites like the ones Trig Web Design builds are database driven by MySQL.

Ajax - Ajax is a small script that allows refreshing a portion of a webpage without refreshing the entire webpage - pulling the data directly from a database and updating in real time. Talk about cool...

API's - Application Programming Interface. Great, what's that mean? Simple example: Google puts out tools like Google Maps, you can use thier Map API to pull map information right into your website without directing them to Google's Site (and keeps them on yours).

RSS - Really Simple Syndication. No really, that's what it stands for. RSS Feeds are used to syndicate any content from one website to another. Example: Yahoo News provides RSS for all of thier news stories; you can import those stories into your website's newsfeed system and have fresh news on any subject, refreshed every few hours. Told you it was simple.

Mash Ups - A mashup is a blending of the above technologies (and others) to create new, original tools and content. As more websites create great tools, programming and content, you'll see new web programs coming out every month that will blow your mind (or at least impress you a little).

Well, that's it. If you want some more technical definations of Web 2.0 and how it can help your site, call us or check out these links:

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