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Responsive Web Design

Websites Designed with Mobile Browsing in Mind

Responsive Web DesignIf you have a website that's not responsive, your business might be left behind. Today, people are using their mobile phones, iPhones, tablets and such to surf the web wherever they are; and they could be looking for you.

We design websites that are based on advanced templates that are already mobile-friendly, and can be easily programmed to show only certain areas for small screens, and show others for standard and wide screens. Responsive Website Demos

Search Engine Friendly

Our responsive websites are developed with CSS3 that supports various media sizes and changes the screen without elements that can hurt your SEO.

Show and Hide Content

Easily setup your website to hide or show page content, modules or entire pages based on the browser. Show or hide content on

  • Wide Screens
  • Standard Screens
  • Large Tablets
  • Small Tablets
  • Cell Phones

local googleMaps for Retail Websites

Our websites for retail businesses include embedded Google Maps that are fully responsive for any device, and include directions, phone links to dial you automatically, and any content or specials you want to advertise.

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