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  • Web Design

    Creative & Functional

    Web Design

    If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It.

    Trig Web Design creates amazing web designs from professional themes made for CMS systems like Joomla and WordPress. Far from ordinary, these advanced 'Site Shapers' come with everything a website needs to impress, inform and entertain your audience.

    Our designers are experts in all aspects of web design, including graphic arts, english composition, marketing psychology and SEO. Every site we build is optimized, mobile-friendly and designed to convert traffic.

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  • Plugin Adaptation

    Web Development

    Plugin Adaptation

    Different from Web Design, Web Development refers to the creation or modification of web applications. Called "Plugins" for WordPress and "Extensions" for Joomla, these add-on programs expand and enhance the form and function of your website.

    Our developers have extensive experience in finding the right add-ons to suit your needs, and modify them to fit your site seamlessly. From complicated Forms to advanced E-Commerce, we have the tools and experience to make your website do anything.

    Web Development
  • The Process

    The Process

    The Process

    After 10 years of creating CMS websites, we have gathered and developed the best software and systems to deliver fast, accurate websites. Our process is simple, and customer participation is encouraged!

    Step One - Choose a Layout and Style. We offer Theme Site Shapers that are fully built, have multiple options for styles, and advanced tools for infinite color possibilities.

    Step Two - Watch Us Build It. We build your new website live on our servers so you can watch and participate.

    Step Three - Take it LIVE. Once you're happy with your new website, we'll publish the site to our hosting or yours.

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  • Cost Breakdown


    Cost Breakdown

    Building a new website takes a team of professionals, licenses, software and expertise. Our prices are based on these factors, our level of service and customer reviews. While we are not the cheapest in the business, we are one of the best.

    Our prices are very reasonable, and include all the options our competitors charge more for. Fill out our online quote form and a developer will contact you with a fair and accurate estimate.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Hosting & Maintenance

    Peace of Mind

    We host your website on Dedicated Hosting services by top hosting companies. They provide us top notch United States based support, the best hardware and 99.9% uptime.

    We take server security very seriously. Our Firewall is updated daily, blocking hackers, spammers and bad bots from attacking your website.

    Our maintenance packages include Google and Bing submissions, SEO adjustments, updates to CMS software, and customer support.

Web Design

is More Than Just a Pretty Website

Many web designers out there can make a website look pretty, but it takes a real marketing company to understand your needs and deliver what you expect out of your site. Web design is still a combination of graphics, content, color, and typography, but it is also marketing psychology, Search Engine Optimization, competitive analysis and cutting-edge coding.

Trig Web Design has built websites since 2006, and started with the first versions of Joomla and WordPress CMS systems. We have "grown up" with these systems, and have been a part of the Open Source Community from the very beginning.

Research and Target Marketing

The first step to building a successful website is listening to you; your vision, passion and what you need your website to do for you. We research your existing site, competitors, industry keywords and customer demographic, to give you a clear picture of your target market. Working with you one-on-one, we plan out the design, color scheme, style and website flow.

Web Design Examples

Keyword Research Tools  Competitor Research  Site Performance

Choose Your Layout

YooTheme Demo

Clicking the image above will open a Lightbox and display the YooTheme DEMO system. Once open, use the top toolbar to select different themes, and the colored boxes to show various color examples.

Next, we work with you to select the best layout that suits your needs. We use Site Shapers, pre-built websites that have advanced editing tools to make them look any way you want. With dozens of font choices, color selectors, multiple module positions and modern special effects built in, our client's websites are functional works of art.

Our team works on market research, content writing, graphic design, plugin coding and SEO simultaneously, using state-of-the-art collaboration technology. The result is an accurate, professional website that reflects your image and converts traffic into sales.

Shape5 Demo

Clicking the image above will open a Lightbox and display the Shape5 DEMO system. Once open, select Joomla or WordPress, then use the toolbar to show different themes.

What's Included

Web Design Plugins

All of our websites are built with advanced plugins and extensions that make them functional and entertaining, without sacrificing site speed. Our extensions are chosen carefully, tested fully and updated aggressively. This allows us to provide our clients with cutting edge web pages that entertain, inform and convert.

WidgetKit is an array of programs including Galleries, Tab Switchers, Lists, Sliders, Grid Layouts, Panels, Accordions, Popovers and Google Maps. These powerful tools allow us to display your information in creative ways, and deliver your message efficiently to your visitors. To check out all WidgetKit has to offer, click here.

Search Engine Optimized

seo modulesSEO starts with good content writing, but also depends heavily on META tags and on-page markup. While most SEO companies focus on just your Home or Landing Pages, we optimize every single page we create, and use advanced META tag generators to create unique title, description and keywords tags based on your content. Simply write your content normally, and the SEO is done for you.

Other systems we install include XML sitemap generators that connect your website directly to Google and Bing search engines. When a page is added or changed, these systems alert these engines immediately. We also use 3rd party Search Engine Friendly URL generators, compress your CSS and JavaScripts, and address a dozen other points of SEO.

Combined with a comprehensive backlink building program, Social Media placement and Yext PowerListing, our SEO has proven results our clients have repeatedly commended us on.

Fully Responsive

responsive web design

All of our websites are mobile-friendly, and display on all devices. You can also have different content for mobile devices, tablets and full screens, giving you more versatility for different users.

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