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  • Hacker Blocker Protection Package
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  • Directories, Maps, Schedules & Contacts
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  • 256-bit Encryption
  • R.A.D. (Rapid Application Development)
Websites for Cities, Towns, Municipalities, Schools, Military, Intranets and more.

Government Web DesignTrig Web Design specializes in government web design and website redesign services for states, cities, towns, villages, counties, park districts, public schools, fire departments, police departments and other municipal organizations. We have the experience and know-how to build or rebuild any sized website, from simple websites to complex database websites, with over 9,500 web applications to make your website do anything you need it to. Need a contact directory? E-commerce section? Social Networking? We have an app for that.

We can also create non-public websites that operate on a MAN / WAN such as military bases, and have extensive experience in encrypted networks, member-only access sites and multi-tiered access levels for any sized website. No project is too big or too small, and our designers are the fastest in the USA; with delivery times that are more than half of other government web design companies. All work is done in-house by certified designers, we never outsource.

  • City, town & village Government Web Design
  • Federal Government website redesign
  • Municipal website development
  • Public School website design
  • Police / Sheriff website design
  • Chamber of Commerce website design
  • State and local travel and tourism projects
  • Fire Department website design
  • Office of Public Safety website design
  • Public Safety and Corrections Agency
  • State and City Parks and Museums
  • Intranets (with user login access)
  • Data Migration
  • MS SQL Certified | MSDN | MySQL Experts
  • MAN / WAN / Encrypted Systems
  • Military Website Development
  • Encrypted and Secured Communications

Trig Web Design Inc understands the difficulties in Government Web Design, and has the experience and know-how to create the best Government websites for your agency. Registered as a Small Business in the CCR Database, as well as the GSA and ORCA systems to sell to the US Military. Mr. Trig is an expert in computer technology, encrypted systems and networks, WAN, MAN and VPN networking and has Government Security Clearance. Mr. Trig is also a Microsoft Certified Professional, MSDN and SQL / MySQL database expert.

Trig Web Design, Inc. is a New Hampshire corporation registered as a CCR government reseller, DUNS# 078493008.

Getting great stock photos cheap is key

Stock PhotosWe've been building websites for a long time and we've seen stock photography websites come and go. Most have become really expensive, while giving the graphic designers pennies for their hard work. Out of all of them, we've found Dreamstime to be one of the best sources of images on the web. They even have a free photos section!

Website images are not free, and one of the biggest issues we face as web designers is clients sending us images to include on their site that they found on Google, thinking "if it's on Google, it's free right?" Wrong.

Stock photography companies like Getty Images and iStock comb the web looking for copyright infringement and make decent money suing webmasters for illegal usage of their licensed images. Lawsuits are usually filed in CA where they are tough on copyright infringement, and start at about $2000. Don't get stuck with a bill that doubles the cost of your website; just spend the $10 for a stock photo and call it a day.

Here are some convenient search boxes to find images for your website:

Web Design FAQs

Web Design FAQMany people have contacted us to ask about setting up a web site, or modifying their existing website. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about website design - along with answers - pertaining to web design, SEO and e-commerce.

If you have a question that is not answered here, such as setting up or changing your web site, web hosting or website maintenance, domain name registration, merchant services or anything else, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are building an e-commerce site, you need to have a way for your customer to pay you. Trig Web Design is an authorized reseller for PayPal & Authorize.Net, the two most popular payment gateways on the web.


To apply for a PayPal account, click the banner below (It's FREE!)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



For, click the link below:



Merchant Services:

Trig Web Design has teamed up with Sterling Payment Systems, one of the best merchant service companies in the US. Their rates are very competitive, and can meet any business requirements. Contact them at:


visit them online at

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Registering the right Domain Name for your business is crucial to getting a good start online. You should choose something that is easy for your clients to remember (and fit on a business card), as well as having keywords in the name to attract the search engines. Visit our affiliate at to get started!

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Hosting and SEO Packages

InMotion HostingOur website hosting and SEO packages are very straightforward, completely optional and include everything you need for fast database hosting and organic search engine placement. Our SEO conforms both the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and recent developments and changes in Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you have any questions, call our offices.

Our Hosting and Maintenance Packages Include

Virtual Dedicated Hosting for CMS Websites

  • Fast database hosting, configured for CMS hosting
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Full CPanel Access & DNS Control
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FTP Access
  • Secure servers with IP filtering, spam control and spoof protection
  • Basic SEO - XML Sitemap generation and submission to Google/Bing Webmaster Tools

Hacker Blocker Website SecurityHacker Blocker Security Package - Protect your site from being Hacked! Trig Web Design is the inventor of Hacker Blocker, a Firewall system that BLOCKS over 100,000+ known Hacker and Spammer IP addresses. These IPs are vetted and researched to ensure no legitimate traffic is blocked from your website. Hacker Blocker is updated hourly with the latest Hacker IPs reported by online reporting agencies and our own websites.

Admin Tools Security - Admin Tools is a detection and blocking program built into all of our websites. This powerful security suite protects you against hacker attacks such as Admin Logins, Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks, Direct File Uploads, SQL Injections and many more techniques used by Hackers and Spammers. Each attack is reported to Hacker Blocker and included in our Server Firewall permanently.


SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial to your search engine placement and is a combination of keyword density, META code, site structure and HTML markup. Page Titles, paragraph structure, even spelling and grammar all go towards your Page Rank. Our Enterprise-Level software analyzes every we build (or rebuild), to ensure the highest Optimization Score possible.


Webmaster ToolsGoogle and Bing both use XML sitemap submissions to 'spider' and index your website. An XML sitemap is simply a page of all the links in your site, updated dynamically by SEO software installed in your website. When a page is added or updated, Google and Bing are updated automatically, and re-index your site accordingly. Every site we build or optimize has XML sitemap systems installed and submitted through Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Yext PowerListings

yext partnerYears ago, SEO specialists would sit for hours submitting sites to hundreds of search engines and directories to place businesses in the critical directories such as Yellow Pages and Yelp. In the last few years, all the major Directories have switched to a company called Yext to submit for them; and it's no longer free.

Trig Web Design is Yext PowerListings Reseller, and has successfully populated our clients on over 400 directories and search engines with Yext. Our program also handles duplicate suppression, error corrections and address changes across all listings in the event of a company move. The results are powerful; traffic from Yelp and other Directories can account for more than 40% of your traffic, with Google getting 90% of all searches in the web.

You Get it All - Starting at: $199.00 per month

If you have any questions about our Hosting and SEO packages, contact our offices at (617) 819-5877