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Plugins and Extensions to make your site do anything

There are over 8,000 Joomla! Extensions, designed to be a seamless fit into the CMS, to enhance and expand your website. One of the most widely used and secure CMS systems in the world, Joomla! 3, has more features and slimmer programming than any CMS before it, and is used by the US Government, Corporations and Small Businesses around the world.

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Here are some of the most common applications Joomla offers:

  • Downloads & Documents Management
  • E-Commerce & Inventory Control Systems
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Social Network(s) Integration
  • Paid Membership Subscriptions
  • Calendars & Event Management
  • Advanced Form Builders
  • Private Social Network Communities
  • Complex Business Directories
  • Advanced Reviews Systems
  • Google Maps & Directions Integration
  • Forums and Discussion Boards
  • E-Learning and LMS Systems
  • Automated SEO Systems
  • Automated Backup & Easy Restore

Trig Web Design's developers are experts in modifying and customizing Joomla! extensions, and have built hundreds of websites with very advanced programming, bridges to outside systems, and making our client's website do things no one else can. Here's a breakdown of some of the more popular web applications:


E-CommerceSelling your products online is one of the most important aspects of having a web presence. Even if you sell virtual products like software or images, you can setup your e-commerce system to sell Downloadable products. See our page on E-Commerce Websites.

  • Powerful Web-Administration Interface (Javascript-powered)
  • Manages an unlimited Number of Products and Categories
  • Can be used as a Shop or just as an Online-Catalog (you can even turn off Price Display)
  • Quick Search for Products, Categories and Manufacturers; filter by features or discounted Products
  • Product Ratings & Testimonials (moderated or auto-published)
  • Feature specific Products by setting them "on special"
  • Product Availability: show how fast a Customer can expect delivery
  • Handles downloadable Products (virtual Goods)
  • "Product is back in Stock"-Notification for subscribed Customers

Photo Galleries & Slideshows


Show off your work with any of the top rated Photo Galleries for Joomla! Upload your images quickly and easily through front-end interfaces, separate them by category, add descriptions, titles, even links to buy items in your store! (E-Commerce Component Required).

Our sites include WidgetKits that allow us to easily create Galleries, Slideshows, Accordions, Image Switchers, Popovers, Maps & Directions, Lists and Grid Sliders. These Widgets can be placed anywhere in the site, enhancing content and visitor experience.

Document Management / Download Manager

Document Managment

Manage documents across multiple categories and subcategories and give users permission to upload, download or edit documents.These powerful download managers can be used to safely allow visitors or members to download important forms, documents or files you want to share online. Even links to remote files with built in security like anti-leeching, custom access groups, even access to individual members.

Calendars or Event Registration

google calendarEventList is a nice event manager to post your events. More than just a calendar, you can describe your event in detail, include Google Maps and Directions to your venues, and even take paid registrations on your website.

For a simpler Calendar, we can import your existing Google Calendar right into your website, making updating your website Calendar a snap!

Social Networking

jomsocialWhy settle for a simple membership system when you can have JomSocial? JomSocial is an advanced, easy to use Social Networking app for your website that has built in communication tools, personal photo and video galleries, Facebook integration and much more. Many other Joomla Extensions interface with JomSocial, allowing all kinds of add-ons to profiles like file uploads, quizzes, activity wall and more.

Classified Ads

classifiedsWant your members to list ads on your website? No problem! You can even charge members to post ads, sell stuff, rent real estate, whatever you want to allow. Unlimited categories, search engine friendly system.

Job & Recruiting Systems

job boardWant to post job opportunities on your website? We have apps to allow only you to post, or start a job listing website with advanced features to make money on employers posting jobs. We can even import thousands of existing jobs into your website, and help you get paid to do so!

Affiliate Banners

google adsenseMonetizing your website has never been easier. Using sites like and, we can help you get affiliate programs and use the built in free banner system to display banners and ads wherever you wish. Insert Adsense boxes into articles, paid footer links and more to make residual income from your traffic.


kunena forumTurn your website into a hub of information and commentary regarding your industry. Many business owners shy away from Forums because they don't understand what they are or they think it's too much work. Untrue!

Definition of a Forum: Forums allow anonymous visitors to view the contents and consist of a group of contributors who've registered into the system, becoming known as members. The members submit topics for discussion (known as threads) and communicate with each other using publicly visible messages (referred to as posts).

By allowing people to use your site as a source of information, you attract more users to your site in general. Your forum can include banners that advertise your services, or even sell ad space on a more popular forum! Too many features to list, but most Forums almost run themselves!


NewsletterOne of the most powerful features of a website is email capture for future communication. Free Membership breeds product loyalty and promotes referrals. But how do you send messages, ads or specials to those Members can make or break your Internet Marketing Campaign. Our Newsletter programs will help you by allowing you to send rich, colorful email newsletters to your Members quickly and easily.

Much much more! There are over 8,000 programs and enhancement for Joomla, so feel free to browse the extensions directory and contact us if you have any questions.