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COVID-19 and your business

Small business owners are facing the hardest times in decades with the COVID-19 Pandemic. People are scared, staying home and suspending most spending, putting companies that operate on thin margins at the best of times in a really bad place. When business owners have to choose between keeping employees or spending money on advertising, ads get dropped, marketing takes a backseat, and business gets even worse. Rather than spiral down this tube, maybe it's time to rethink your business model, evolve, make adjustments, or just do things a different way.

Slow Website

When a business owner hears this question, it can send icicles through their bellies. I've seen firsthand what a slow website can do to a business; people leave the site, sales decrease, competition increases, all from something that seems innocuous. We've taken over web hosting for many companies with this issue, and site speed always increases dramatically. Why? Hacker Blocker Hosting.

Generating a quote for web design is based on many factors. The design, style and level of expertise dictates the "core" price, while other factors include the number of pages, add-on programs such as Event Booking or E-Commerce, and database manipulation like importing contacts or products. Oh, and don't forget SEO and content writing, which is the most important aspect of any website. More about that later.

Local SEO

There's a lot of confusion out there about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today. Not just what it means, but the difference between Local and National search engine placement and marketing. While they overlap in a lot of areas, it's a lot easier to get to the top of Google locally than nationally. Here's why.

Many organizations struggle with internal network sites, commonly called Intranets, more than their public website. In many cases, Intranets are overlooked, even if they barely get the job done. Many Intranets we've seen are woefully out of date, with little to no security, and with no one able to edit or update the site.

Web Builders

Building a website the right way from the start is the most important thing about getting traffic, keeping it, and converting it to sales. in this article, I'll share what goes into building a website, from the Home Welcome text to the Terms and Site Map; and the importance of each aspect.

There are a lot of Internet marketing firms that tell you they can get you more traffic, and some even do; but what do you do when that traffic fails to get sales? It all goes back to an old method called M.O.T., and can help you convert your traffic into sales.

Some may say a statement like we're the best website designers on Earth" seems a little arrogant, but we don't say this lightly; we're convinced due to long hard hours of fixing everyone else's work over the last 20 years.