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Corporate Website Development

Corporate Web DesignCorporate web design is much different than standard web design, as it entails more content, sections and legal considerations; not to mention a "corporate look and feel".

Trig Web Design understands corporations and knows what it takes to make a website design with a corporate image, structure, graphics and applications. We've built dozens of corporate websites with designs that rival Fortune 500 companies, with SEO and marketing that blows them away.

If you're a corporate entity looking for the right web developer to help you take your site to the next level, call the experts at Trig Web Design now.

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Elements of a Corporate Web Design

Corporate websites don't necessarily want to attract phone calls or even Search Engine traffic. Many are designed to be portals to existing customers, provide important documents or information, and leave out the 'bells and whistles' many smaller companies crave in their website. Our job is to figure out what you currently get out of your web presence, and how we can improve your bottom line. Some of the questions you have to ask yourself are:

Do I want to sell products or services through my site?

If you want to sell anything, even services, through your website, you need a Search Engine Friendly and user friendly website. If you are selling products, you should have an e-commerce solution.

What if I have Vendors and can't sell directly?

There are two ways to handle this scenario, first being you simply direct your traffic to the appropriate Vendor's website with a simply Directory System. If you think your Vendor Sites are not accurately reflecting your Corporate Image, then you should consider a Multi-Vendor E-commerce solution that gives each of your Vendors a website / e-commerce portal within your website, preserving your Image and maintaining control over sales and inventory.

Do I want new traffic / customers?

Some corporations really don't care about their website, but may be overlooking opportunities a great website provides. For example, if you have a site that hasn't been updated since Disco was popular and a large potential client stumbles across it, they may get the wrong impression of your company and leave. A new, dynamic and engaging website can attract new clients, investors, help existing clients more and reduce customer service calls. With the right SEO and traffic "flow", you can also finally get some ROI from your website.

What kind of Applications can I get?

We have over 8,000 web apps for the CMS websites we use. These range from easy to use Form Builders to E-Commerce to Store Locators and much more. We even have CRM systems and bridges to other systems, including XML mapping for any web component, giving you complete synchronization with your database, SalesForce, HubSpot or other outside system.

What do you mean, Corporate Image?

Corporations usually have a certain look and feel to their websites and other marketing materials, making it clear they are not a "mom & pop" operation. This includes professional logo design, smaller graphics and less flair and  "hype". Typically this has elements like smaller logo, no exclamation or other unnecessary markup like ALL CAPS.

The structure of the website and front page content is crucial to the Image. Most corporate sites subscribe to a "less is more" approach, giving very little real information and forcing the visitor to call or go elsewhere; where other sites go the opposite way, inundating people with news, events and other information customers really care nothing about.

Successful Corporate Websites are sites that meet in the middle, with relevant, helpful content for their visitors, with corporate structure and design that matches the overall Corporate Image their people have worked so hard to achieve. If you don't have a Corporate Image yet and are looking for an experienced guide, call the experts at Trig Web Design now.