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Google Plus and SEO

penguin updateThis year, Google made some major changes to it's algorithm in their continuing efforts to filter out spammy, non-relevant sites from searches. Some of these changes may have effected your placement, and if you're wondering why you have dropped to page two or three, there is a way to come back. But first, why the drop in the first place?


Google has always placed a lot of weight on how many websites link back to yours. Not just the number, but the quality of the link is important as well. In 2010, Google weighed this so heavily that spammers were able to take advantage of it by creating backlink schemes that boosted their page rank by having thousands of links to their garbage sites. Google fixed this in subsequent updates, by filtering out those worthless backlinks.

Then, spammers found that using Web 2.0s like Blogs and then linking thousands of links to their Blog, which then linked to their website, they could again get top ratings. Well, the party is over, as they say.

In October 2014, Google made their "final" Penguin update, filtering out Web 2.0s and destroying many years of hard work from real businesses and SEO companies. This has proven disastrous for some companies that depend on Google traffic, and now have started Pay Per Click programs to compensate while they figure out what to do next.

The Solution

From our research at Google, guides and videos from the people at Google headquarters, we have found that there are ways to fix your backlink issues and quickly rebuild your page rank with a few simple steps.

  1. Check your Google Webmaster Tools and make sure you don't have any "toxic links". If you are a Trig Web Design customer, don't worry, we already do this on a weekly basis for you. If you have any messages about bad links, use the Disavow tool to get rid of them.
  2. Create or login to your Google Plus account and make a Page for your company. I cannot stress this enough, it is the most important tool to gain page rank and help your local listings as well. It takes just a few minutes, fill out all the information you can, be descriptive, and use keywords without being spammy.
  3. Claim your Google Local Listing under the same account as your Google Plus. If you already have your listing, go into it and make sure all your information is correct, and your description has your main keywords.
  4. {module Google Plus Embed Code}
    Post your Google Plus link on your website using the embed code here: Google Plus Badge Generation, or use a plugin for your CMS like WordPress or Joomla. If you are a Trig Web Design customer, just email us a link to your Google Plus page and we will program this for you.
  5. Post in your Google Plus page! "Share what's new" in your Google+ page posts to their stream, and builds your reputation for posting relevant content. Post about your business, your customers, etc., and add a hashtag (#) to the end of your posts, with common, relevant phrases like #Web Design.
  6. Extra Credit - If you want to get some Tier 2 backlinks going, include your Google Plus page link to external blogs like and of course, in your own website's Blog. For instance, write a Blog entry or even comment on one, then add a link to your Google Plus page, preferably if there is relevant posts about the subject you're blogging about or commenting on.

Having a Google Plus page for your company gives you a PR9 (Page Rank 9) backlink from Google themselves, which is worth it's weight in gold. The more you post, the better your chances of gaining your position back, or increasing it if you are stuck on page 2. Think of Google Plus as the business Facebook, where you don't have to feel weird about posting anecdotes about business; it's welcomed.

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