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Steps to better SEO

seoOur SEO experts employ "White Hat SEO" techniques prescribed by Google and recommended by the top websites on search engine optimization and Page Rank . Some of the steps are common sense; others will seem complicated, but they have amazing payoffs!


1. Content is King - Write your content with your readers in mind. Make sure you address the key issues the reader wants to know: Who you are, what you do and why you're better. Make sure to use keywords you know they are searching for - use free tools on the web like to take the guesswork out of this very important step.

2. Image and Anchor Tags - When you use images in your content, make sure you fill in the Title and Alt tags with relevant keywords! Many designers and Content Management Users leave these import fields blank. Anchor Tags - When creating links to other parts of your site (or even off-site links), make sure to use relevant keywords. For instance, to link to our Web Design page, don't use "click here"; use "web design"

3. Analyze your META tags and adjust content - Visit the best Meta Analyzer site we have found at - Make sure you pay attention to the recommendations and adjust your content for the top keywords you are being searched for. The information here will guide you in creating better anchor tags, img alt tags and keyword density.

4. Web Site Submission - Submit your website design to all the major Search Engines & Directories in relevant categories and websites. Resubmit occasionally to avoid being dropped, and don't forget manual submission to DMOZ! Also, be careful of Google and Yahoo - they no longer like or accept submissions the old fashioned way, visit Google Sitemaps and Bing Sitemaps for more info. If you have a Trig Website, this is already done for you!

5. Backlinks - Backlinks are links from other websites to yours that Google counts as 'votes' for your website. The more backlinks from high ranking websites the better page rank you'll get. To get into the top ten of the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), you need a combination of great SEO, relevant anchor tags and backlinks. Link Exchange can be a good way to get links, but avoid 'link farms' and paid links as they are rarely counted. Check out how step 6 can build a great backlink portfolio:

6. Other Submissions - To get more backlinks to your site, you will have to write about your business in an interesting way. Some of the most overlooked ways to get higher Page Rank on Google:

  • Write a Press Release - Press releases are a great way to get hundreds of links to your site from Directory Systems and press agencies. Trig Web Design uses 24/7 Press Releases and Associated Press (AP), as well as a host of additional distribution services, to get the word out about your company to as many people as possible.
  • Directory Submissions - Trig Web Design uses Yext Powerlistings to submit you to over 400 Directories such as SuperPages, Yelp, Yahoo, Google Business, CitySearch and many more - all Directories that Google takes seriously.
  • RSS Syndication - If your site supports it, configure and submit your RSS Feed to dozens of free RSS Syndication sites. If you have e-commerce, get a Google Merchant account and use RSS to export your products!
  • Write News Articles for your site - If your site is a Trig Web Design, each article you publish on your website is automatically added to your RSS Feed, Sitemap file and Latest News Section. The more your write, the more the search engines will take your site seriously!