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  • September 11, 2017

With thousands of existing News stories, articles, images and other elements to import, 8 new designs to create and several other factors, most web design companies would take about 1 year to complete this project; we did it in 3 months.

We are proud to be the official web design company of NH1, and look forward to helping them evolve and morph their website into a news powerhouse, while their radio stations enjoy the versatility and ease of use we programmed into their website. Some of the special development items include:

  • Posting of Articles to Facebook and Twitter - automatically
  • Specialized Weather, Sports and RSS systems to keep their News up-to-the-minute, with as much automation as possible
  • Advanced Ads systems to include Private Ads, Google Adsense, Affiliate ads and other PPC systems seamless, with tracking, payment and billing systems to monetize every aspect possible
  • Separate Theme and styles for each Radio Station section, with Animated / Video background slides
  • Advanced Theme system with easy to use administration to allow for detailed theme changes easily
  • Easy to add new Theme Styles for future growth with ease
  • Advanced Slideshows, Tab Sliders, Faders, Switchers, News Viewers, Java & Ajax controlled systems for presenting stories, weather and events
  • Integration with their new mobile app
  • Advanced ACL - Various Admin, Manager, Publisher and other logins can affect various aspects or sections of website
  • DJ / Show Scheduler & Current DJ On Air for each separate radio stations, controlled in one single Admin!
  • Live Streaming integration for all radio stations
  • Can post News from NH1 to any, some, or all radio station sites with a few mouse clicks
  • Separate and shared content for all radio stations to choose to display on their sites, or post their own
  • Concerts and Events system programmed to your local areas
  • All Videos Plugin to play video from any outside source, or local file video and audio files
  • Advanced Module system, able to place any content from any widget, module inside or outside source anywhere on any page - with ease!
  • Automated SEO systems for Search Engine Friendly URLs, META tags and Social Media markup
  • Data Importer Program - Import of over 70,000 articles from their previous database, completely different CMS. Able to import or export anything from any format
  • Unlimited growth potential