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Getting great stock photos cheap is key

Stock PhotosWe've been building websites for a long time and we've seen stock photography websites come and go. Most have become really expensive, while giving the graphic designers pennies for their hard work. Out of all of them, we've found Dreamstime to be one of the best sources of images on the web. They even have a free photos section!

Website images are not free, and one of the biggest issues we face as web designers is clients sending us images to include on their site that they found on Google, thinking "if it's on Google, it's free right?" Wrong.

Stock photography companies like Getty Images and iStock comb the web looking for copyright infringement and make decent money suing webmasters for illegal usage of their licensed images. Lawsuits are usually filed in CA where they are tough on copyright infringement, and start at about $2000. Don't get stuck with a bill that doubles the cost of your website; just spend the $10 for a stock photo and call it a day.

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