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Web Hosting & Maintenance

Fully Managed, Reliable, Secure Hosting

Keeping your website online isn't enough for most clients, especially ones with CMS sites like WordPress or Joomla. We offer Fully Managed Hosting, which includes hosting the site, updating the server OS, cPanel and Firewall, as well as WordPress or Joomla updates. These updates are critical to keeping your website fast, functional, and secure.

Hacker-Free Web Hosting

VPS Hosting is included with all of our monthly packages. Our Hacker Blocker Firewall protects our clients from malicious traffic and spam.

VPS Hosting

99.996% Uptime on our Dedicated Hosting. Up to 64GB RAM, 360GB space, Free SSL, full cPanel, unlimited email addresses and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Hacker Blocker Firewall

Our Hacker Blocker Hosting blocks millions of verified IP Addresses used by hackers, spammers, bad bots and other malicious actors worldwide.

Plugin Maintenance

Keeping your CMS plugins up-to-date is critical for a secure website and server. We keep your critical systems are updated when updates come out.

Regular Backups

Our Webmasters perform regular backups of your website, and before any update is performed, with daily backups at the server-level.

Security Programs

Every website is equipped with Admin Tools, a powerful suite of software that detects, reports and blocks repeat offenders from your website.

Fast & Reliable

By cutting malicious traffic from our servers, our speed reflects our 8-CPU Core, 64GB Dedicated Servers, with 99.996% Uptime.

Simple, flexible pricing.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Updates.

Our packages are designed for every sized business.